Thursday, March 14, 2019

Dungeons and Dragon- culture programme -by Tracy

-14 Mar 2019-
The story begun with five parties that live in a little village which name as Village of Creepy Watch.
The village is control by Drow Rogue, wahahhaha. One day, wahahaha bring other parties go to sweet love mountain for the adventures. Along the journey, they meet a monster,Mr. Blackpants and he had been defeat due to the strong cooperation bond between the parties. After that, they found a castle in the mountain while Drow Rogue are sleeping, Halfling Rogue (citacitataa) lead the group to peak the condition of castle from the door. Suddenly the door open and a monster came out from the castle and have a big fight with the parties. In the end the five parties defeated the monster and invite him to join the festival in their village. The moster happy with the invitation and they live happily in the village together.

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